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prolong ejaculation with metered topical spray Plateau RxIf you ejaculate sooner than you or your partner would like – you are not alone. You may feel embarrassed to talk about it but premature ejaculation is a widespread and very treatable condition. Although estimates vary it is likely this affects one out of every three men at some time.

When it happens occasionally it’s not generally a cause for concern. But if ejaculation occurs sooner than you and your partner want, more often than you are comfortable with, then you may have a condition known as premature ejaculation.

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Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Originally thought to be solely a mental problem, study has proven that it is much more complicated. A rapid sensory response to penile stimulation is the physical reason. But this reaction is produced by a combination of both psychological and biological factors.

Current Treatment

The goal with any premature ejaculation therapy is to reduce the hypersensitivity and prolong sexual intercourse before ejaculation.

Anti-depressants have been the most used form of “cure” for PE. One of the more common side effects of anti-depressants is delayed ejaculation. But most anti-depressants include a long list of other side effects including the possibility of decreased libido, drowsiness, nausea, sweating, and even delirium in severe cases. Additionally, none of these medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat premature ejaculation.

Topical therapy, which utilizes Lidocaine as its active ingredient, has been proven to be both safe and effective. But until recently it’s been fairly messy and therefore not an optimal choice. A spray on formula that reduces the mess, can be applied a short time before sex and prolongs intercourse to the satisfaction of both you and your partner.

PLATEAU Rx™ Metered Topical Anesthetic Spray for Premature Ejaculation

This revolutionary product, PLATEAU Rx™ is a better solution for Premature Ejaculation

PLATEAU Rx™ has:

  • Less moisturizers to help it dry quicker and work faster
  • Altered PH to help it absorb quicker
  • More uses per unit
  • Easy to use sprayer mechanism
  • Designed exclusively for National Male Medical Clinics
  • Utilizes deionized water to help Lidocaine absorption

PLATEAU Rx™ is a metered topical anesthetic spray containing Lidocaine as its active ingredient. Applying a small amount of PLATEAU Rx™ to the head and shaft of the penis 10-20 minutes before intercourse can make a significant qualitative difference in your life. PLATEAU Rx™ can prolong the male ejaculation process and encourage equally pleasurable sexual activity.

Reclaim control over your sex life. Enjoy sexual confidence with your partner without feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy or self-doubt. Regain control of your spirit, your passion and yourself….PLATEAU Rx™