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Treating Peyronie’s Disease With Penile Prosthetics

Men with Peyronie’s disease may seek surgery to treat the symptoms of the condition. These methods are typically reserved for men who have not responded to other forms of treatment and are experiencing severe curving of the penis, pain, impotence or erectile dysfunction. Peyronie’s disease is believed to be caused by trauma to the penis which causes the growth of fibrous scar tissue. This scar tissue causes the penis to bend painfully when erect. Only around half the men diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease experience symptoms severe enough to require surgery.

For men with significant erectile dysfunction and scarring, simple straightening techniques may not be enough to restore normal sexual function. These men may benefit from the placement

of a penile prosthesis. A penile prosthesis is often recommended when a patient experiences natural (non-psychological) erectile dysfunction.

What Is A Penile Prosthesis?

A penile prosthesis is a device intended to increase the rigidity and correct the curvature of the penis. The device is typically a series of hollow, inflatable cylinders placed in the tissue of the penis, which can be inflated to achieve an erection.

The prosthesis carries a risk of infection and mechanical malfunction following surgery. However studies indicate that these instances are rare and penile prosthetic implantation has a high success rate in treating Peyronie’s disease.

How Can A Penile Prosthesis Be Used To Treat Peyronie’s Disease?

A surgeon or urologist will implant the device, which allows the penis to become rigid enough for intercourse. The procedure may also involve a penile modeling technique, which breaks up the fibrous scar tissue formed by the disease to enhance the straightening effect of the penis and improve post-op


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