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Top Ten Benefits of Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone is a key hormone for male vitality.  After age 30, most men have declines in

their level of testosterone.  The decline affects men differently.  Some of the possible effects include: changes in sexual function, sleep disturbances, physical changes (such as reduced muscle mass), and emotional changes (such as depression).  These effects are collectively referred to as andropause or “menopause”  a process similar to the hormonal changes that women experience during menopause.  Treating the symptoms of low t is the main goal of therapy. To restore any lost functions that occurred as a result of testosterone decline.

1. Increase sex drive or libido and Improve male sexual performance

One of the most common symptoms of low t that men have when their testosterone levels decline with age is that their desire to have sex or libido decreases.  In addition, their frequency of erections, sustaining erections, and performance during sex is affected.  Testosterone replacement, under the appropriate medical supervision, can alleviate both problems. However, testosterone replacement is unlikely to increase sperm count and may decrease sperm count for young men.


2. Enhance mood / Reduce depression

While a person’s mood can change daily and depression might result from a number of factors, low testosterone is a likely cause in an otherwise healthy man without any clear reasons for depression.  What’s confusing about depression is that the signs are slightly different for each person.  However, in general, people have a depressed mood or persistent feelings of sadness/hopelessness, decreased energy or fatigue, loss of interest in hobbies or other activities which used to be a source of fun, difficulty concentrating, increased or decreased appetite, increased or decreasing sleeping, and increased irritability/restlessness.  The symptoms are extensive.  If low testosterone is a cause or one of the causes, testosterone replacement can improve most or all of these symptoms by essentially improving a man’s mood and increasing his desire to live.  A good way to think about this change is that men begin to have “feel young again.”


3. Increase energy and vitality

Lack of energy is noticeable in all areas of life – on the job, at home, on vacation, etc.  Men with low testosterone will feel like they are getting tired faster than normal or just lack the ability or desire to do as many activities as they’ve done in the past.  Testosterone replacement increases the drive to get out and live life, get things done at work, and more.  According to physicists, all types of movement require energy.  So, this change is essential to living the life that men desire to have.


4. Increase bone


Bone density is a measure of the strength of a person’s bones. This is an important measure because if bone’s are less dense they are more brittle and likely to break.  Low bone density is a typical problem of aging women, and not something men typically think about as a health problem.  However, men with declining levels of testosterone slow have changes in their bone density and have an increased chance of bone fractures and breaks.  Testosterone replacement increases bone density over time.


5. Improve fertility

For some men with low testosterone, fertility may still be a concern because they are younger (for example in their late 30’s) and still want to have children.  The impact of testosterone on their fertility arises from their increased desire to have sex.  Testosterone alone is not a treatment for infertility.  The exact cause of infertility must be addressed.  Testosterone replacement may be a component of that therapy.


6. Increase strength and endurance

With the increased energy of testosterone replacement comes a greater desire to do things.  For men who are engaged in regular physical activity, testosterone replacement will increase their ability to get achieve physical goals.  For those who have been feeling a declining desire to engage in physical activity, testosterone replacement may increase this desire and make things like running, walking, lifting weights, and hiking much more appealing.


7. Regulate body fat distribution

Although body fat increases mainly because of men eating more than they need on a daily basis, low testosterone is also a cause.  Testosterone replacement aids men in their weight loss efforts by increasing their desire to participate in a variety of physical activities (including sex) and changing the way fat is distributed on their bodies.  With increased testosterone levels, healthy eating, and exercise, some men find that testosterone replacement leads to a new, better physique for them.


8. Increase body hair growth

For men with general hair loss throughout their body, testosterone replacement therapy can bring back the hair they are used to.  Testosterone replacement is not a treatment for baldness and low testosterone is not a cause of baldness.


9. Reduce risk of heart disease

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for men.  Any factors that can decrease risk of heart disease are useful for men.  Testosterone replacement, for those with low testosterone, can decrease the risk of heart disease.  Again, physicians need to carefully monitor levels, because high testosterone can increase the risk of heart disease.  The appropriate level for a particular man can only be reached with the help of a physician.


10. Increase lean muscle mass when coupled with a balanced diet and exercise

Through the increased energy that comes from increased testosterone and improved fat distribution, men are likely to see an increase in their muscle ton.  They will begin to feel learner.   Of course, there are a number of factors that affect weight, so a healthy diet and regular physical activity (in or out of the gym) are necessary for men to see this change.  Testosterone in addition to these changes in behavior can result in a better looking body.