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The Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic Helps a Man with Low Testosterone Restore His Vigor

Recently, a male patient came to us complaining of low energy levels and irritability. He was not able to keep up with his teenage children when they were on vacation, and he was in frequent arguments with his wife and co-workers. He wanted to get to the root of the problem and not resort to stimulants or antidepressant drugs. We were able to find a solution for him with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), part of our Male Enhancement clinic.

Often low energy and depression can be caused by low testosterone levels. Testosterone levels often begin to drop in males past the age of 35, causing symptoms such as a lack of energy, a decreased sex drive and depression. This is commonly

known as Andropause, or male menopause.

Our doctors at the Male Enhancement clinic check the patient's testosterone levels and compare it to the symptoms reported. Even if the levels are in the lower range of normal, we check the full blood spectrum to tailor a dosage appropriate for our patients.

With Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), there are a number of ways the drug is administered:

1. Testosterone can be injected into the buttocks, once a week, and is a long-lasting and completely effective

way to restore useable hormones.

2. Topical administration allows gradual absorption through the skin and is administered in low daily dosages. It can be a solution for men sensitive to testosterone products.

3. Patches are a less painful method than injections, but the effectiveness may be limited as absorption rates vary among patients.

4. Implanted pellets require a surgical procedure to administer, but once the pellets are implanted, the dosage levels cannot be adjusted.

One-size-fits-all drugs such as Levitra can have unpleasant side effects and do nothing for the symptoms of low testosterone levels. For patients on nitrates, Levitra can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, a dangerous condition.

TRT has been demonstrated to dramatically improve the symptoms of Andropause, restoring the patient's sex drive, health, stamina and virility.

At the Los Angeles Male Enhancement clinic we can help those suffering the symptoms of Andropause just like we helped the patient we mentioned earlier. If you are suffering from the same symptoms, make an appointment with the Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic today.