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Stronger Male Sexual Health: Tips to Live by

One problem that numerous men struggle with is staying sexually health throughout life.  One aspect of a healthy sex life is the ability to maintain a strong erection.  There are a variety of factors which impact the strength of an erection, most of which are related to your overall health.  This article provides you with an easy checklist to assess how you can adjust your life in order to make sure you’re taking care of the basics.  Engaging in health behaviors early can help prevent problems such as erectile dysfunction in the down the line.  Here are seven useful tips for keeping a strong erection.

Make dark fruits a part of your regular dietary routine

Antioxidants, such as anthcyanins, are found at high levels in dark fruits.  Including more of these in your diet can decrease the impact of diseases that create “oxidative stress” for the body, such as hypertension.  Antioxidants keep the oxidative stress under control and get rid of harmful, erection

slowing comments called free radicals in your blood.  Antioxidants also enhance the amount of nitric oxide in the blood which makes blood vessels dilate or become larger.

If you smoke, make this the year to quit

Smoking is a well known risk factor for multiple diseases.  It is also increases a man’s risk of erectile dysfunction.   The best approach is not to smoke and if you do smoke work with your physician to create a plan to stop.

Find a way to keep stress under control

Many men, especially those in jobs that are filled with pressure, have trouble keeping stress at bay.  Stress can impact erections by increasing the amount of the “fight hormone” adrenaline which can lead to hardened arteries for people who are exposed to stress over a long period of time.  Hardened arteries slow down blood flow to the penis and decrease the strength of erections.  There are a number of ways to keep stress down.  Here are a few tips from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Increase your intake of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, unlike milk chocolate, contains a number of healthy properties for humans.  One compound in dark chocolate that is useful for strong erection is epicatechins (a type of flavonoid) which aid in the dilation of blood vessels.  A small dark chocolate bar a day can offer these benefits.

Increasing the strength of your Kegel muscles

When you urinate, there are muscles that you squeeze to push out any remaining urine.  Those muscles between your legs and behind your scrotum are your Kegel muscles.  Squeezing these muscles on a regular basis is an exercise that can help you maintain the strength of your erections.  You can do these exercises anytime you are sitting or lying down.  A good goal is to do 18 contractions daily holding each one for 10 seconds.  If you haven’t done these exercises before, you will need to practice holding the contractions for less time before you can reach 10 seconds.

Review the drugs you are taking

Certain prescription drugs can lead to erection problems.  One example is the cholesterol medication, Zocor, but there are many others.  For more take a look at this list

Lower your estrogen levels

Among the numerous problems that lack of exercise can bring is an increase in estrogen level.  Excess fat is the culprit of the problem.  Excess estrogen comes from the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in men with a

body mass index of over 25.  This extra estrogen can increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.  The risk can be decreased by losing weight.

With these extremely useful tips, you can sustain strong erections and improve your overall sexual health.