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Sexual Health Clinic Offers Los Angeles Man Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatments to Improve Male Performance

Hundreds of thousands of men experience erectile dysfunction, but such a sensitive issue still feels intensely personal to each man challenged by it. At our Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic (LAMMC) and Ultimate Performance Medical Center we have helped thousands of men discover effective treatment for erectile dysfunction without resorting to drugs like Levitra with their serious side effects. Because each man is different, our all-male staff of nurses and physicians develop a customized plan for each patient, including tailoring medication to meet each patient's needs. Confidentiality and trust is the bedrock of our Los Angeles sexual health clinic's mission to support each patient in his quest for better sex through knowledge and proven treatment.

Our patient and his wife were about to mark their 35th year of marriage, but he had become distant and aloof because he feared talking with her about the erectile dysfunction that made their sex life unsatisfying. He had approached his family physician about Levitra, but was told it could not be prescribed for him because of potential interactions with other medications. Desperate, he contacted our Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic (LAMMC) without telling his wife because of his fear and embarrassment.

During his appointment at our sexual health clinic our patient con

fided he felt as he aged his interest in sex had greatly diminished, which he believed was an inevitable result of growing older. Our expert physician counseled him that his reduced sex drive was likely connected to a reduction in testosterone, which could be reversed.We are leaders in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and our patient decided to begin TRT to see

if he could regain some of his previous virility after his discussion with our expert. He was cautiously optomistic about improvement within the following three to six weeks. Our patient then was amazed to learn there were other safe and effective alternative treatments for his ED that our expert staff would compound specifically for him that very day. His LAMMC physician administered a dose of Tri-Mix medication duirng the appointment. Our patient was pleased with his positive reaction to the compound, and is looking forward to even better results as the TRT moves forward, just in time to celebrate that 35th wedding anniversary.

Our staff at the Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic (LAMMC) and Ultimate Performance Medical Center are dedicated to helping every man find the satisfying sex life he is seeking. We have helped over 34 thousand regain sexual health, one man at a time. It is time to restore your confidence and start celebrating your own healthy sex life again.