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Seattle Sexual Health Clinic Successfully Cures Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Low Testosterone With Alternative Treatment

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are among the most frequently encountered sexual health problems in the male population. Hundreds of thousands of men are suffering from these problems and are trying to cure them with traditional medication such as Cialis. At Seattle Male Medical Clinic (SSMC), part of the National Male Medical Clinics 'brotherhood', we have encountered a lot of patients who fail to respond to Cialis or similar medication. This is because drugs from this category do not address the cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) but rather try to ameliorate the symptoms. They work by dilating the vessels located in the penis which can lead to an erection, but it has no effect on the main cause of the disorder – low testosterone levels. At SSMC low testosterone clinic, our male staff has the necessary expertise and experience to recognize the causes of ED, PE, andropause, lack of libido, prostate removal adverse effects and diabetes-related sexual dysfunction, and design an individualized treatment program that will also address sensitive psychological issues in a discrete manner.

A young and successful Seattle businessman called and scheduled an appointment to discuss and diagnose his sexual health problems. He immediately created the impression of a motivated and driven individual who unfortunately had a period of dist


caused by his erectile dysfunction. Our low testosterone clinic medical expert listened carefully to his story and understood his strong desire to please his beloved wife and immediately started to look for the cause of his problem. Our patient tried several oral medications including Cialis but failed to achieve the desired results. SMMC expert recognized that his problem was low testosterone levels, and an individually designed Testosterone Replacement Therapy was started which immediately led to wonderful results. Our patient was very satisfied with his sexual life and also noted great improvements of his confidence and self-esteem.

At SMMC Low Testosterone clinic we have the necessary know-how and expertise to effectively diagnose and treat sexual health disturbances such as ED, PE and others. We use a highly personalized treatment regimen that leads to better results than conventional drug therapies. Our patients appreciate the professional approach and the detailed analysis of every case which greatly increase the chances of finding the cure. If you would like to benefit from our vast experience in the field of sexual health, don't hesitate to call us for more details or to schedule an appointment.