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Premature Ejaculation: How soon is too soon?

Millions of men have premature ejaculation - your partner will be more satisfied if you conquer PE.Premature ejaculation is a classified as a sexual dysfunction that affects around 20% to 30% of men of all ages. Because of the perceived stigma attached to

> premature ejaculation, many men are reluctant to seek medical advice for the condition. And because of the misconceptions surrounding it, premature ejaculation is not widely understood by most men.

So what are the facts and what is the fiction?

Premature ejaculation is determined using a method called “intravaginal ejaculatory latency time” or IELT. This method measures the duration between vaginal penetration and ejaculation. The average IELT is around 5.4 minutes.

– Men who have difficulty prolonging ejaculation beyond two minutes may wish to consult with their physician about premature ejaculation.

– Many men can experience occasional problems with premature ejaculation. These conditions are not typically persistent and can be related to a number of factors including the individual’s age, recent sexual activity and relative sexual experience.

– Substance-induced sexual dysfunctions including premature ejaculation are common among men of all ages.

– Many condoms feature a topical

anesthetic that can reduce sensation and improve ejaculatory control.

– National Male Medical Clinics offers an effective product PLATEAU Rx™ topical premature ejaculation treatment spray.


Simple exercises prescribed by sexual health therapists can help improve ejaculatory control. Often physicians prescribe antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications for PE however, these have side affects.  Despite myths about distraction by “thinking about baseball” as a method to delay ejaculation, most sex therapists agree that the key to long-term improvement is for men to learn to get used to the increased pleasure of being with their partner.