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Personalized Treatment At Dallas Male Medical Clinic Cures Erectile Dysfunction And Low Testosterone In Male

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual disorder which can occur at any age. And while the reasons behind it can be both physical and psychological, a large number of men still find it hard to seek treatment for the condition. While the condition in most men is temporary, conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, blood pressure, substance abuse, certain forms of treatment and medication among other conditions have been known to affect the ability of a man to get and maintain an erection of the penis. Age is another factor which can lead to ED. However, growing awareness of the condition within the medical research fraternity has lead to a number of positive and effective treatment options.

In a heart-warming case, *Kevin Arnold, a 79-year old man, approached us with ED and was successfully treated at the Dallas Male Medical Clinic. Having lost his life partner, Kevin came to us with the hope that a customized treatment procedure might help him regain his sexual health. He told us that he had recently met a woman and he was keen on pursuing a relationship with her. However, with a history of heart disease he had been struggling with ED and was extremely apprehensive about

the future of his relationship with this woman as locally available and popularly recommended medication such as Viagra or Cialis were options which he was not very keen on trying.

A detailed and extensive health review pointed towards heart disease being the leading cause behind our patient’s ongoing struggle with ED. The health review also indicated that our patient was suffering from low testosterone levels. Various options were laid out before our patient and for each case he was informed about not only the benefits but also about the price structure involved. At each stage the all male team at DMMC clearly detailed the procedural steps involved as well as the expected results to ensure that our patient had the last word over a treatment of his choice.

Based on his present condition, our medical expert worked out a personalized formula for our patient. He was administered a controlled dose of TriMix which produced the desired results. Mindful of the fact that he has a heart condition and taking into account his age, the dosage was adjusted accordingly keeping with the requirements of our patient.

Post this course of treatment, it gives us great joy to see Kevin happy and satisfied with the results. We can see a new found confidence in his eyes and a bounce in the steps of the same man who came to us with severe reservations about popularly available treatment option. This life changing transformation and witnessing the eagerness to embrace happiness which has come knocking around a second time in the life of our patient is reward enough for us.

This however, is just the beginning for us. We are acutely aware of the fact that there are a lot of men out there who shy away from talking about problems such as ED and premature ejaculation among other sexual disorders.

Proper analysis and testing can provide effective solutions for the treatment of all kinds of sexual dysfunctions. The first step is to seek out medical intervention and taking the requisite measures for diagnosing problems related to sexual health. ED can be diagnosed in several ways; a complete medical check-up and reviewing of sexual history along with blood tests and urinalysis can effectively indicate and or point out to factors which can contribute toward


The Dallas Male Medical Clinic is dedicated toward providing treatment for all kinds of sexual disorders affecting men. Once an accurate diagnose has been arrived at, our medical expert details out personalized treatment options to help our patients. While treatment for ED can include oral medication, surgery, as well as psychotherapy, medical experts at the Dallas Male Medical Clinic depend on innovation and unique drug therapy to treat ED. The treatment is always tailored to address the needs and requirements of our patients at all stages.

Sexual disorders for which treatment is provided at the Dallas Male Medical Clinic include ED and premature ejaculation, lowering in the levels of libido, testosterone imbalance and diabetes and kidney related as well as heart disease related sexual dysfunctions.

Sexual disorders are like any other medical condition. With proper treatment patients can expect a complete cure and renewal of sexual health and vigor.

Call us today at the Dallas Male Medical Clinic for an appointment and let our professionally trained medical experts help you regain your sexual health.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our patient*