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Orange County Sexual Health Clinic Provides Erectile Dysfunction Treatment To Obese Man With Low Testosterone

The Orange County Male Medical Clinic is an erectile dysfunction clinic that has treated thousands of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Our treatment is a safe alternative to the use of the drug Cialis and does not carry as many risks of side effects such as priapism or vision problems. Instead, we use testosterone replacement therapy to naturally improve a man's level of testosterone, which improves his sex drive and assists him in maintaining an erection. The treatment can stop premature ejaculation and can lead to better sex between a man and his partner. This particular patient was embarrassed to admit that he was suffering from a decline in sexual performance. He was experiencing weak erections and a reduced sex drive, and this was having an effect on his confidence and self-esteem. This was not just a sexual issue but also a social issue. His self-esteem problems were getting in the way of his ability to deal with his other health problem, obesity, which partially contributed to his sexual problems. Obesity often causes weak erections and adds to low testosterone levels, since the testosterone production cannot ke

ep up with the higher body mass. In his first visit to our Orange County erectile dysfunction clinic, he was too embarrassed to do more than ask about the overall benefits

of testosterone therapy. He quickly found out that his problem had a solution and that we could offer a private consultation with a qualified physician. This led him to make an appointment. His results were immediate and safe, and he trusted us with his privacy. Now he has much of his self-esteem back and he is finding it easier to stick to his diet and start bringing his weight down. If you are experiencing erectile dysfuncion or premature ejaculation, and these symptoms are interfering with your and your partner's ability to enjoy sex, contact us today. We treat all patients with the utmost confidentiality. Our treatment is fast acting, safe, and does not have the same side effects as Viagra or Cialis. Our erectile dysfunction clinic is located in Orange County and we can offer a consultation today to establish the causes of your problems and begin a treatment plan immediately. We are aware that male sexual difficulties can be embarrassing to discuss and difficult to bring up and guarantee you a high level of privacy.