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Orange County Man Uses Male Medical Clinic To Regain Sexual Health Through Personalized Treatment

Orange County Male Medical Clinic (OCMMC) and

our brother clinics in the National Male Medical Clinic (NMMC) family have helped tens of thousands of men return to sexual health by listening closely to each patient's story and crafting individualized treatment plans to meet each man's unique needs. Unlike generalized and sometimes ineffective medications like Levitra, the methods our staff at Orange County Male Medical Clinic (OCMMC) use to treat a patient's complaints are designed to focus the erectile dysfunction clinic's expertise on an immediate improvement in a patient's sexual functioning. Even though hundreds of thousands of men experience ED, no two men are alike. We treat our patients as the individuals they are, taking the time to explore completely the concerns and physical issues each man brings to us.

Suffering from high blood pressure and some of the side effects of the medication used to control it, our patient began to experience some difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection. His partner was understanding, but our patient was very stressed and worried about his ability to satisfy his partner, which was making the situation even more difficult. When he and his partner came to our Orange County clinic, we carefully worked through his medical history and current medical issues. They were expecting to have us recommend a one-pill-fits-all approach like Levitra, and were pleasantly surprised when our sexual health specialist instead suggest

ed a trial injection of Tri-Mix which resulted in a penetrable erection right in our clinic.

During the appointment, our patient also complained of a general lack of energy and enthusiasm. Blood drawn during the appointment was evaluated for testosterone levels. The results showed our patient might benefit from testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which he intends to begin soon. Our Orange County physician explained the benefits of this therapy, including improvement in male performance and enhanced energy and vitality. Our patient is eager to begin the therapy in hopes of increasing his sex drive and having better sex with his partner.

Positive results are the norm at our erectile dysfunction clinic. Because we take the time necessary to listen to each of our patients, we are able to design a treatment plan that meets our patient's needs completely. We have clinics located throughout the country staffed by specialists with more than 50 years of combined experience in helping men achieve sexual health. Over 34,000 men have regained a good sex life working with our all-male professional staff. Make an appointment at any of our clinics to join the ranks of the satisfied.