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No Wood? Get Your Erections Back.

If you are like a large percentage of men – you’ve been capable of getting an erection from about age 9. You probably don’t remember a time in fact when you weren’t aware of and fascinated by your penis.
So since about age 9 or 13 you’ve been getting morning wood. Likelihood is you took it for granted (for granite?). Until one day – just like that, without warning (well, there may have been signs) all of a sudden, no wood.
My partner, a lovely woman 10-years younger than I said the words that we never want to hear. “It’s okay”, “I hear it happens to everyone.”
But the truth is it wasn’t just once or even twice that I had noticed a “change” in my ability to get online pharmacy an erection. It wasn’t as easy to get aroused, and when I got hard I wasn’t as hard as I used to be. Truth is I also realized I was a little less interested in sex than I had ever been.
So of course being the information guy that I am I immediately turned to the Internet. After a few false leads, I discovered a wealth of information about erectile dysfunction (ED) that also leads me to information about Testosterone. It turns out, that it’s pretty much

an age-appropriate situation and MANY men have the same problem. There are some medical issues, diabetes, heart disease, and neurological damage than can cause ED. But, it also happens to men as a normal part of aging.
Testosterone as you know is that hormone which makes us men. As your testosterone levels begin to reduce, as they do for men beginning at about 35-40, men begin to experience the effects of that loss.
What are these effects? Well, I already mentioned my erection issue, but I failed to mention my loss of (well lessened) interest in sex. I also have been experiencing, lower energy levels, after dinner I just want to crash on the couch, plus less muscle mass and less strength. I also have increased my waistline by three inches, but maybe that’s due to a nap after dinner? Plus I understand that lower testosterone levels can increase my risk of heart disease and diabetes.
So, what did I do? Well, I made an appointment with a local reputable health clinic National Male Medical Clinics and I got my testosterone levels checked. The doctor ran other blood tests to make sure my prostate was healthy. Testosterone is not recommended for men with prostate issues. The testosterone was indeed low, the prostate levels were healthy, and so I began a course of testosterone.
The doctor also talked to me about their compounded medications to end my ED and products to enhance my sex life. Testosterone will help, but the additional medication that he prescribed is formulated to assure that I can get an erection when I want it, or when she wants it, without the nasty side effects of the well-known ED medications.

So, if you have ED or the symptoms I described above, do your own research and then make an appointment. You don’t have to put up with lesser quality erections. You don’t have worry that you won’t be able to perform. You can get wood.