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NMMC's Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic Improves Sexual Heath and Male Performance with Alternative Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic (LAMMC) takes care in diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation(PE). Millions of aging adults suffer from this sexual dysfunction each day and the clinic knows just how they feel when they come in for their first consultation. The Los Angeles Sexual Health clinic offers alternatives to patients who are considering discontinuing Cialis treatment. Over the years studies have shown that more elderly adults prefer trying alternative ED correctional methods: new

drugs, psychotherapy and even surgery.

Recently, a 56-year-old male consulted with the Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic, seeking help to raise his sex drive. This man’s sexual health suffered due to The Ultimate Niche Finder

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ne;”>decreased ability to perform during sexual intercourse. The patient was taking the drug Cialis, but became dissatisfied with the medication's results as it interfered with his social activities. His Cialis treatment had failed a few times once after having some drinks and another time after consuming a large meal. His wife also became concerned when hearing about the long-term effects the medicine could have on aging men.

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The male patient complained of maintaining an erection and getting aroused. He became more concerned about his sexual health as the years went by because Los Angeles is a social town, and he and his wife often dine out and have drinks in the city. Alcohol mixed with his medication sometimes prohibited him from having good sex. The doctors at the Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic examined and quickly diagnosed the patient and offered him three new medications that would not only correct his Erectile Dysfunction problem but also would allow him to eat and drink whatever he wanted. The patient left satisfied, and after a few months of follow-up care, the Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic is pleased to report the patient's sexual heath has significantly improved.