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Male Menopause – Yes, It's Real

Male menopause (Andropause or “Manopause”).

The ticking biological clock is not just for women anymore. Yes, the biological clock affects both women and men.

As men age their body begins to lose testosterone over time. This reduction and associated symptoms is called Andropause, Male Menopause  or the rapidly becoming popular term Manopause. This drop can be responsible for a host of issues and symptoms,  some are similar to those women experience during menopause. These symptoms include:  increase in belly fat, decreased sex drive,  insomnia & disrupted sleep pattern, reduced muscle and bone density, depression and trouble with concentration. Some men also experience tenderness in their breast tissue and hot flashes.

After age 30 testosterone in men declines at about 1% per year. It is a normal part of the aging process. However the result of the loss can make men feel less virile and that they are aging entirely too fast.

Men can potentially reduce the rate of testosterone loss  through exercise and a well managed diet.  But the loss is inevitable. When levels fall too low – the normal can vary from man to man – men will likely experience the symptoms above. The two that are generally the most troubling to men seem to be decreased sex drive and increased belly fat.

A simple blood test is the method used to determine testosterone levels. Men with a reduced level have the option to increase their testosterone levels and experience positive results related to the increase. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not a viable option for all men but only a physician can guide you towards an informed decision.

Men who are experiencing

and are interested in the treatment options should seek guidance from a physician.