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Male Menopause? Really? Can You Do Something About It?

If your wife has started menopause you may think she’s lucky, (she may not entirely agree) but she knew this was coming… probably since she was a young girl – well at least since her early thirties. She’s been able to talk with her mother, girlfriends, and doctor. Plus the information and help to her is abundant has been accessible for a number of years. There are creams, pills, and supplements available to help ease the hormonal transition her body is going through. But what about you?

If since about mid 35 or so you’ve been aware of  some remarkable changes that seem eerily similar to hers, no need to be alarmed, you may be experiencing Andropause.

Andropause? What are the symptoms? Decrease in sex drive –not feeling as interested as you used to be.  Lack of energy,  it’s a little more than just not wanting to mow the lawn. Decrease in strength and endurance, after dinner and the evening news are you pretty much ready to nod off. Have you been grumpier than usual and it’s been a little harder to get motivated to do your job? Worse of all – has it become difficult to get an erection?

There is some skepticism that andropause (or male menopause) really exists because it does not have the same end result as female menopause does.

There are some differences in female and male menopause. Women begin to lose their primary hormone, estrogen, beginning in their forties. Men begin to lose their main hormone, testosterone around mid-thirty. Women lose their estrogen  fairly rapidly, whereas men lose testosterone at a more gradual rate. So symptoms of irritability, depression or lack of interest in

sex may have a more rapid onset for women than they do in men.

Menopause in women results in the end of egg production and of her menstrual cycle and ultimately the inability to bear children.  This is of course not the case with men. Men can continue to produce enough testosterone to father children much later in their life. Male menopause may however result in the inability to have an erection and so sperm for fertilization of an egg might have to occur by medical intervention.

So if it does exist what can be done?

There  is a viable solution testosterone replacement therapy. You don’t have to

endure sleeplessness, depression, weight gain, thinning hair and erectile dysfunction. You don’t have to cope you can get help.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Bioidentical Testosterone Cypionate has been shown to benefit men with the symptoms of andropause.  Within about three weeks men often begin to see recognize some real improvements. Often including an increase in their sex drive and ability to “perform” .

The full benefits of testosterone replacement therapy are still being studied and it’s likely new benefits including benefits to heart health will still be discovered.

Known benefits testosterone replacement therapy include: Improved Sex Drive, Energy Level, Mental Clarity, Belly Fat loss, Muscle Mass, Sleep Quality, Body Hair Growth and Bone Density.