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Male Enhancement Clinic in Los Angeles Resolves Premature Ejaculation Issues Through Alternative Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Large pharmaceutical companies insist drugs like Cialis can solve every male sexual health issue, but their overly simplistic approach not only fails to take the serious side effects of such medication into account but also ignores the inefficacy of the drugs for many of the hundreds of thousands of men who suffer sexual dysfunction. Our Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic (LAMMC) has helped thousands of men conquer their erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), testosterone hormone imbalance, lack of libido, Andropause, prostate removal side effects and diabetes related sexual dysfunction with drug alternatives.

Recently a male suffering from erectile dysfunction made an appointment at our Los Angeles male enhancement clinic to see if such a consultation would ease his and his wife's frustration and disappointment. Despite manual and oral stimulation of his wife prior to penile intercourse, the couple reported our patient would climax before his wife. Linked to his premature ejaculation, he was embarrassed and had an overwhelming anxiety and fear that she would become so disgusted she would leave him and causing him great anxiety and fear she would become so disgusted she would leave him. Our Los Angeles male enhancement clinic physician met with the couple and explained that premature ejaculation can result from conditioning, such as furtive masturbation

to quick climax to avoid parental detection at an early age. Alternatively or additionally, some men have hypersensitivity of the glans which can cause performance disappointment for a couple.

The positive news for our patient and his supportive wife was that a topical custom compound developed by our LAMMC physician during that very first visit was an effective

treatment. The compound, containing Papaverine & Phentolomine, in combination with Rx19 and Lidocaine, decreased our patient's hypersensitivity, delaying ejaculation and permitting an erection lasting up to two hours at our patient's request. This almost immediate reversal of our patient's performance issues allowed him and his wife to enjoy a much more satisfying and good sex life.

This kind of success is the norm at our Los Angeles clinic and other National Male Medical Clinics nationwide. Over 34,000 men have regained healthy sexual function at our family of clinics. Our patients now have control over their sexual health without powerful and potentially harmful drugs like Cialis. Give us a call or contact us online to explore our proven non-drug therapy options for sexual health.