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Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic Provides Effective Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Instances of patient premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) are among the more common sexual disorders affecting a large number of men across all ages. Although in a number of cases, some form or relief can be provided to alleviate the condition, the psychological ramifications associated with sexual dysfunction can have far reaching consequences on the mental health of the patient. The biggest concern here is the inability to satisfy your partner.

We at Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic (LAMMC) understand the distress that a patient might be undergoing in his personal life

due to a sexual disorder. We are a well-recognized and professionally respected national sexual health clinic focussing on providing treatment as well as supportive care for patients with all kinds of sexual dysfunctions. Our medical expert and our team of professionally trained all male nursing staff take care to understand the root and triggers of the problem and formulate treatment procedures accordingly.

At Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic (LAMMC) we provide comprehensive treatment options for sexual disorders which include PE, ED, testosterone imbalance, lack or decreasing levels of libido, side effects of prostate removal as well as diabetes related sexual dysfunctions.

One of our clients, *Bill Kimbell, came to us in deep anguish over his inability to experience an erection. Having met a lovely woman, Bill was keen on taking the relationship to the next level of physical intimacy. However, he has been holding back because of his fear of not being able to perform when the time presents itself.

Like a lot of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, Bill spent thousands of dollars on purchasing “fly-by” overnight miracle drugs which promised quick and effective cures. None of these helped him. He in the meantime was left agonizing over his condition. This led him into a state of depression. His physician was of the opinion that depression might be the cause behind our client suffering from ED for which he was prescribed anti-depressants. Anti-depression medication has however, had no effect on his condition.

Having tried all possible cures and treatments he came to us. After a careful study of his case history and analysis, our medical expert determined that kidney disease and nerve damage were the reasons behind our patient’s inability to experience an erection over a period of 10 years.

Studies and tests indicate that kidney disease can lead to erectile dysfunction. Causes for erectile dysfunction associated with kidney disease however can vary largely due to the fact that kidney disease can relate to different types of kidney-related conditions. Two important aspects governing an erection are clear communication between the brain and the penis as well as necessary hormone levels. In patients with some form of kidney disease, both of these aspects can be partly and or completly disrupted. Equally important to achieving a successful erection is strong blood flow and high energy level; both of which can be affected by kidney disease. Medications prescribed to patients with kidney disease have also been found to contribute toward erectile dysfunction.

To treat his ED, our medical expert administered a test dose of TriMix. Following which, our patient was able to experience a penetrable erection within minutes. Having established our patient’s positive response to TriMix, a dose based on his needs was formulated. Post this treatment procedure, Bill has been able to achieve a penetrable erection and has been extremely pleased about the improvement in his condition.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from erectile dysfunction and or premature ejaculation, or from any other form of sexual disorder come visit us at Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic (LAMMC) today. Our team of dedicated and professional all male staff can provide you with the correct form of treatment to address your problems. Don’t waste time over ineffective and conventional “one glove fits all” kind of treatment. Give us call, schedule an appointment, and benefit from our expertise.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our patient*