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Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic Brings 70 Year Old Back To Life With Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Most treatments for erectile dysfunction rely on the use of drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. These drugs often have systemic side effects, especially Cialis. Although it may be an option for some, for many of the hundreds of thousands of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and low testosterone, the side effects are worse than the original disease. At our low testosterone clinic we have a different approach. Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic treats the root cause of the sexual problems, reduced testosterone, in a holistic and entirely safe manner.

Our patients in this case were an elderly couple. The man was 70 years old and the woman, 67, was a retired nurse. They had been resorting to Cialis to ensure good sex and stop premature ejaculation, but the wife knew that the medication was not doing her husband much good. She worried about the state of his liver and digestive system. He was otherwise very healthy and his existing doctor had determined that sexual activity would not be a problem. They came to our low

testosterone clinic hoping to find a less harsh and artificial solution.


solution was to treat his ED with a local compounded solution. A test dose would be given followed by blood tests to check his testosterone levels and PSA. Sublinguals would be used for continued monitoring. This would ensure that our testosterone replacement therapy was a viable solution for this couple. If all went well, he would enjoy an improved sex drive and they would both appreciate better sex.

At Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic, we know exactly how to handle low testosterone. Our specialized low testosterone clinic has treated thousands of men with ED and helped thousands of couples enjoy a healthier sex life. Our solution is a form of testosterone replacement therapy that is safe, lacks the unpleasant side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs, and is effective for most of our customers. If you are experiencing ED or premature ejaculation, contact our clinic today. All appointments are handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.