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Los Angeles Low Testosterone Clinic Provides Treatment For Patient Dealing With Premature Ejaculation

Our patient entered our Los Angeles Male Medical Clinic LAMMC low testosterone

clinic with one thing in mind: to get professional help for his testosterone imbalance. Low testosterone can affect men by impairing confidence, perform

ance, and the ability to maintain an erection, even with Levitra. He, unlike many others, could not turn to normal drugs. To correct this, we provided alternative erectile dysfunction treatment at our Los Angeles male enhancement clinic.

Before entering our LAMMC, our patient had problems connecting with his wife in the bedroom. Sex itself was so stressful that bedroom activity practically ceased altogether. Working long hours during the week, our patient had seen a rapid decline in his everyday happiness. He also started to disconnect from his partner. Even when it did occur, it ended unnecessarily. Despite being so young when he had it, he had yet to know why. Unfortunately, he kept pushing it off. When our patient’s wife was reading up on erectile dysfunction, she made a discovery that saved their marriage. Her husband’s lacking sex drive could have been related to testosterone. With nothing to lose, she booked an appointment at our low testosterone clinic.

The LAMMC client was nervous at first, but as the connection set in he started to listen. Resident doctors were able to explain to him that testosterone was what was affecting his love life. We immediately tested him with Tri-Mix, and followed up with testosterone therapy. His condition remarkably improved. We followed up with erection counseling to keep his mind off of performance anxiety. We could not treat our patient with Levitra because the drug would not have held in a testosterone impaired patient. As a result of our treatment, our Los Angeles patient is currently enjoying a better sex life.

The LAMMC is a low testosterone clinic, with establishments across the nation. We specialize in three key areas: Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and the ability to sustain an erection. As well as treating physical ED problems, we offer psychological support for performance anxiety, which includes having an all-male staff; from the moment patients walk in, their problems are answered by men who understand male impairment. Men who can instruct patients in the use of Levitra, how to have good sex, and how to stop premature ejaculation. All of our treatment options are current practice, and drugs we use are FDA approved. We do not offer experimental treatments. We are confident we can help you, contact us today.