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How Men’s Fitness Level Affects Men’s Sexual Health

mens sexual healthAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should engage in two hours and thirty minutes of moderate exercise each week along with two or more days of muscle strength training.  For those who exercise regularly this may sound like a low standard.  This is because the standard was developed for a moderately active person.  For those who spend most of their leisure time sitting down (perhaps watching TV) as many Americans do, the notion of more than one hour of exercise per day may sound like an insurmountable obstacle.  However, the standard is meant as a goal for the future.  It is not a starting point but a good endpoint for a man looking to improve his overall health.  This generic recommendation from the CDC is a useful guide that can lead to better overall health for men or women in the US.  The recommendation can improve different aspects of a man’s life, such as his cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, bone density, aerobic endurance, and perhaps one of the least discussed benefits, his sexual health.  Yes, physical fitness can improve a man’s stamina and performance in all areas of life including his sexual life.  This article discusses some of the ways that fitness level can be used as a tool for improving sexual health for men.

Researchers demonstrate that being overweight negatively impacts sexual health.  The degree to which a person is overweight is typically measured by body mass index or BMI.  This important measurement of health is made by calculating a person’s weight (usually in pounds in the US) and dividing it by their height.  The calculation results in a ratio that reflects the distribution of body weight on a particular person.  This figure provides what is considered the most reliable indicator of body fathness for most people.  This number is used by most health professionals to assess what weight category a patient fits into.

BMI can be a bit confusing because higher numbers exist for people who have a lot of muscle mass.  So, a man who is a bodybuilder will look obese compare to someone with must less lean muscle mass even though the former is likely to be in better shape.  Athletes often face this problem.  You can calculate your BMI easily by going to this website at the CDC and entering your weight and height.  After calculating BMI, you can compare the number to a rough guide for what the number means.  The basic advice on BMI numbers is that the ratios mean the following:

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Your goal of course is to keep your weight in the normal range.  If you are overweight or obese, a number of problems can arise.  Researchers have demonstrated that BMI may provide a warning sign of erectile dysfunction.  This can be discouraging for some people who struggle with weight loss, however it also presents an opportunity to address this problem

and solve related sexual health concerns.  A good plan for improving physical fitness and diet, developed with a health professional, can lead to a better body and better sexual health.  One researcher demonstrated that even after just one hour of exercise three times a week, middle-aged men demonstrated improved sexual function, an increased frequency of sexual intercourse, and more satisfaction with their sexual experiences.

Another weight that fitness improves a man’s sexual health is by increasing his endurance.  Since sex is an exercise that requires aerobic and anaerobic activity consistently overtime, an improvement in physical endurance can lead to a better sexual experience for men.  Whether this endurance comes from physical fitness or not depends on the type of exercises that a man engages in.  For example, if a man only lifts weights, he will have the strength to move a partner around as he desires, but may lack the ability to consistently engaging in repetitive motions that are common in sex because he will tire quickly.  On the other hand, if a man incorporates aerobic exercise into his workout, such as swimming, running, hiking vigorously, cycling, etc. he will have more aerobic fitness that will lead to a longer lasting and perhaps more frequent sexual experiences.  The more aerobic activity a man seeks to include in his life, the more he is likely to see some benefits in his sexual encounters.

A final way that fitness can impact sexual health is through fitness exercises that are focused on the genital regions.  Most men don’t think about exercising this area of the body because of all the focus on other muscles.  But there are ways to strengthen the areas of your body which are the most involved in sex.  For one, men can perform Kegel exercises in order to viagra for sale increase their ability to delay ejaculation.  Kegel muscles are the muscles used to stop urine from coming out of your penis.  The next time you urinate, try to stop urine from coming out and keep the muscles you’re using contracted.  You’ll quickly realize where these muscles are and how difficult they are to control.  Like any other muscles, they can be trained to endure challenges.  Regular Kegel exercises when you are sitting or lying down can help you improve your ability to control the flow of semen out of your penis and also better control the movement of your penis which can be pleasing to a partner.

Overall, fitness matters for male sexual health.  Although the topic is not discussed much in public, this is one of the primary benefits of being physically fit.  A regular physical activity regimen along with a healthy diet can go a long way towards helping you reach any sexual health goals you have and preventing you from having a number of problems which inhibit sex from being what you desire and expect.