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How is Male Sexual Dysfunction Treated?

Male sexual health problems are common and can take many forms. While occasional dysfunctions do not typically require treatment, more serious conditions should

be discussed with a doctor.  Fortunately for those that suffer from male sexual health problems, a variety of treatments exist.

  • Medication – A doctor may recommend a prescription to treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction.  Medications like Viagra and Cialis are effective in treating some men with sexual health problems; however individuals with heart disease or diabetes may experience complications from these particular drugs. There are however compounded medications available through National Male Medical Clinics for men with various medical issues.
  • Hormone treatments –For men with abnormally low levels of testosterone, hormone treatments may be needed to restore sexual performance. These treatments typically take the form of an injection or a patch that gradually releases testosterone into the blood stream. Boosting testosterone levels is beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction as well as restoring libido.
  • Psychological Therapy – Male sexual health problems can sometimes be related to issues of depression, anxiety and stress.  Addressing these issues with the help of a trained professional can sometimes help common dysfunctions such

    as premature ejaculation. Counseling can take the form of individual therapy but couples therapy is an excellent way to deepen communication between partners, improving relationship quality.

  • Mechanical Aids – Some men who suffer from complicated heart conditions and diabetes may be unable to use medication from sexual health medications with risk of side-effects.  These men may benefit from a penile implant.  A penile implant requires surgery, and carries risk of infection as well as the dangers of rejecting the device. These risks are uncommon however and penile implants are generally considered to be safe and reliable.
  • Communication – Sexual performance can carry many anxieties with it, and these anxieties can affect a person physically. It is important to discuss these concerns with your partner openly. Communicate your needs, concerns and desires to your partner to help overcome the barriers in your love life.  Healthy sex is about making a connection and communicating freely with your partner.

In addition to these treatments, quitting smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol and engaging in regular exercise can improve sexual health, treat dysfunctions such as ED and reduced libido and even treat depression and stress. A doctor can help prescribe a combination of therapies to ensure that male sexual health problems are treated and that the patient can enjoy healthy and fulfilling sex.

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