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Enhance Your Sexual Health with these Exercises

Exercise has many benefits to sexual health.  Being fit improves the quality of our lives and that includes sex.  But with busy schedules, juggling work, family,

school or all of the above can make it hard to get to the gym.

Here are 5 simple exercises that anyone can do to improve sexual health and make you feel better in and out of the bedroom.

  • Push-Ups: One of the most basic exercises is also one of the most beneficial. Push-ups, or pressesas they’re called in the UK, work the muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest and back, strengthening muscles and joints. While there are many variants of this popular work-out, the basic training-quality pushup is a good place to start:
    • Begin by placing your palms flat against the floor and resting your weight on your hands and toes.
    • Making sure to keep your back and neck straight, inhale and bend your elbows, lowering yourself to the floor, stopping when your elbows reach a 90 –degree angle.
    • Exhale and return to the starting position. If you have trouble completing a standard push up, try starting from a kneeling position until you feel more comfortable.
  • Ab Crunches: A strong core is important for improving breathing and stabilizing your lower back, preventing injury. Strong and defined abs are also considered one of the

    most sexually desirable muscle groups. Ab Crunches are great sexual health exercises that should be a part of any routine:

      • Lay flat on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and your fingers cross behind your head.
      • Curl your shoulders towards your pelvis, keeping the back straight and making sure your lower back stays on the floor. Keeping your lower back on the floor helps isolate the abdominal muscles and prevents injury to the neck or back. You don’t need to come up very high to get the desired result.
      • Lower yourself back to the starting position.
  • Deadlifts: Great for working your back, torso and legs, deadlifts use many muscle groups together and releases high levels of testosterone in men.  This exercise will make you stronger, more flexible and will improve sexual performance. There can be a high risk of injury when performing a deadlift, so proper form is essential:
        • Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.
        • Grip the bar firmly, with your hands about 20 inches apart.
        • Keep your back straight and your eyes pointed ahead. This will help prevent back injury.
        • Push from your heels, raising the bar and keeping your arms straight.
        • Lower the bar back to the ground.
  • Torso Side-Bends: Great for building stamina and increasing strength as well as tightening the core and increasing flexibility. A strong core will improve your performance in the bedroom and help you have more satisfying sex.
    • Start by standing with your back straight, shoulders back and knees together.
    • Grasp a dumbbell in your left hand.
    • Tilt your torso to your left side, letting the weight fall to your knees
    • Return back to the starting position.
    • Complete several reps before switching hands.
  • Pushes and Pulls – Rows, pulls, lunges and flies are good sexual health exercises for increasing flexibility and maximizing strength. Unlike some of these other exercise, Pulls are best performed on a Cable Crossover Machine found at the gym.  There are dozens of variants to target and isolate specific muscle groups. A pro trainer can help you design a routine to improve your sexual health.
    • Stand at the machine and position the cables at head height or above.
    • Assume a split stance with back to the cable machine.
    • Grip the handles and set your elbows in place, bent slightly away from the body.
    • Brace the abdominal and back muscles and bring the handles together, in line with the naval. Make sure to keep your back straight to avoid injury.
    • Inhale slowly and return to the starting position.

These work outs can be the foundation for more advanced sexual health exercises.  Working out four to five times a week has also been clinically shown to treat depression, help manage stress, and boost testosterone all of which play an important role during sex.

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