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Dallas Sexual Health Clinic Provides Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for Cancer Survivor

Dallas Clinic office in Carrollton Texas helps ED, PE and LowTIt usually pays to consult with real experts when coping with erectile dysfunction as there are cases that simply will not resolve with medication such as Cialis. Our physicians at Dallas Male Medical Clinic (DMMC) specialize only in male sexual health and have strategies that have helped thousands of patients achieve satisfying, good sex with their partners even after years of sexual disappointment. Hundreds of thousands of men endure sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives, and almost all can be on their way to better sex after just one confidential consultation with our physicians.

It is particularly heartbreaking that some of our patients have spent years believing no remedy existed to help

with their sexual challenges. Our patient had a cancerous prostate removed almost a decade ago. For eight years he and his wife did not engage in sexual intercourse as he was told by his urologist that it was impossible after the surgery. Sadly, our patient's wife also developed cancer and died of her illness a couple of years ago. Recently, however, our patient has begun dating a woman who wanted to explore any erect

ile dysfunction alternatives available, leading him to our Dallas sexual health clinic.

Our patient learned from our expert physician that removal of the prostate may mean nerve damage which will not respond to conventional therapy such as Cialis or mechanical means such as a pump. Although the nerves may have been severed or injured, the tissue and corpus cavernosum still function and will react to vasodilators with an erection that can be adapted in duration, fullness and sensitivity to meet the patient's request through the advice of his DMMC physician. During his initial consultation with a DMMC physician, our patient achieved his first erection in a decade. The moment was bittersweet as he mourned what should have been with his late wife but he was very pleased he can move on with his new lady-friend.

Through our family of National Male Medical Clinics (NMMCs) we have improved the sexual health of over 34,000 men. Statistics show that even more men suffer because they do not have the information we have concerning alternative treatments for a wide variety of sexual dysfunction. Take full advantage of the expertise Dallas Male Medical Clinic (DMMC) and its brother clinics have accumulated over 50 years of focusing on male sexual health. Take the first step toward better sex by contacting a NMMC sexual health clinic today.