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Dallas Male Sexual Health Clinic Provides Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Diabetes

Dallas all male staff helps men with sexual health issuesDallas Male Medical Clinic (DMMC) is a sexual health clinic which employs expert licensed physicians who provide customized treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), testosterone imbalance, lack of libido, Andropause (male menopause or manopause), prostate removal side effects and diabetes related sexual dysfunction. These symptoms are experienced by hundreds of thousands of men and Dallas Male Medical Clinic (DMMC) has successfully treated thousands of these men. Our physicians' main concern is to ensure that they fully discuss all of a patient's needs and concerns, personal or medical, before offering education and providing a tailor-made prescription. Our clinic does not just hand out Levitra as this drug is not suitable for everyone and can cause undesirable side effects.

One patient had suffered from poor sexual performance for over 5 years and was using over-the-counter erectile aids with little success. He was too embarrassed to seek professional help and feared that the only solutions would be invasive surgery or urethral pellets (intra-urethral suppositories), neither of which he wanted to try.

The patient, initially very anxious, entered the clinic with his wife, and our physician offer

ed them a private consultation where they were both reassured that there were other treatment options besides surgery or urethral pellets. The physician then took a full medical and personal history from the patient and discovered that he was suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by his diabetes. Our physician explained to the patient that about 50%

of men with diabetes experience sexual problems and that the disease can makes the pills he was taking less effective. The patient was relieved and allowed our physicians to carry out a simple medical evaluation which included a Doppler ultrasound test, a PSA screening and a testosterone level test.

After the evaluation, our clinic provided the patient with a custom formulated prescription. The medication proved to be successful and the patient and his wife now enjoy a healthy sex life. The patient is delighted with his increased sex drive and the better sex he is having as he is no longer worried about experiencing erectile dysfunction. He is also pleased that the medication is not having any serious side effects on his major internal organs.

Dallas Male Medical Clinic (DMMC) has provided safe solutions to thousands of men suffering from a range of disorders affecting their ability enjoy sex. If you are experiencing any symptoms, don't settle for a prescription of Levitra from your local physician; contact our specialized sexual health clinic to arrange a confidential consultation where we will suggest personalized treatment options to enable you to start enjoying better sex.