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Dallas Male Enhancement Clinic Helps Patients Affected by Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Dallas Male Medical Clinic, DMMC, is an erectile dysfunction clinic that offers drug therapy to improve issues of premature ejaculation and inability to achieve or maintain an erection. They have treated over 34,000 patients for over a decade. Their all male staff is motivated to help patients achieve the good sex they desire.

Professionals at DMMC have collectively over 50 years of experience in creating custom treatment solutions for ED. Our successful erectile dysfunction clinic specializes in advanced drug therapies to stop premature ejaculation and achieve penetrable erections that last from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the needs and desires of each patient. We confidently guarantee their solutions or there is no charge for the visit.

DMMC offers better solutions than standard ED drugs. Cialis and other drugs can react negatively with other medications. Cialis and other one-pill-fits-all solutions are not for everyone and even when they work can over or under perform relative to the patient's desires. The DMMC erectile

dysfunction clinic provides alternatives to these overly simple single-pill solutions. We customize our solutions for each patient and their other prescriptions.

A patient came to DMMC who was taking anti-depression medication and was worried that this was contributing to his ED problems. He had searched the Internet and had found some correlations between his medication and ED. His depr

ession deepened because he thought that he might need to choose between a healthy sex drive and his anti-depression medication.

The professional DMMC staff empathized with his worries and worked to allay them. He did not need to choose because they could work with his current prescriptions. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) are anti-depressants that can cause ED such as impotence and premature ejaculation, which cannot be solved with standard oral ED pills. DMMC doctors prescribed a custom compound of vasodilators for use locally that provided superior safe and long term results.

The patient experienced more than relief from his ED. His mood improved right away as he contemplated his future of pleasure and hope. He had his anti-depression medication and his local ED solution to take home to his partner. His head tipped up, and his step obviously lighter, the patient had only thanks for the skills and care given to him by DMMC.

DMMC staff members are caring and highly experienced medical professionals. We strongly guarantee that you will experience a successful erection on your first visit. If you don’t, we don’t charge you. Our skilled, all male, nurses will speak with you confidentially about all of your ED issues, and prescribe an effective treatment that will satisfy you and your partner. Call DMMC today and learn how we can help you.