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Changes in Sexual Health for Seniors

Physical intimacy is ageless. Regardless of your age and gender, the benefits of robust sexual health can be rather extensive and encouraging. A healthy sex life can help improve circulation, reduce anxiety, and help in the release of painkilling endorphins. Last but not the least, it can help you relax and lead to a much deeper appreciation of your partner and life.

Advancing age brings with it a plethora of physical and mental changes. The body’s response time and its functionalities slow down considerably. Things such as speed, agility, stamina, sexual vitality can seem like a thing of the past. However, age also brings with it enhanced mental faculties based on life experiences and places you in a position to finally take things slow and contemplate the finer things in life, sex included.

Sex is said to get better with age, can increase in importance in a lot of ways, and can have a positive effect on your health and life in general. And while it certainly won’t be as fast paced as it was while you were in your 20’s, it can be just as satisfying. Many seniors in fact report having better sex with advancing years than what they experienced in their younger days. All that is required is a simple change in attitude which can leave you with a much better perspective and appreciation of intimacy.

Senior Sex: What to expect?

Changes in sexual function among seniors is common and to be expected. As the body ages, testosterone levels go down, the circulatory flow slows down and there is a general relaxation and loosening of muscle tone and mass. This can impact the ability to both attain and maintain a strong upright erection. It can also lead to shorter orgasms with a lesser amount of ejaculated semen.

Another significant change in senior sexual health is the time it takes to achieve another erection soon after ejaculation, which is much longer. While these are some of the more common changes, there might be other changes based on your level of physical health, medical conditions if any and intake of medications for managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart diseases. A number of anti-depressants are also known to have an impact sexual health.

Consulting with your physician over your physical condition and taking cognisance of how you can re-adapt to the changes in your sexual life and routine is the very step in embracing a healthy sexual life.

Celebrate Your Age – Tips for Good Sex For Seniors

Feeling a certain amount of anxiety about changes in your physical capabilities and sexual functions and the ensuing adaptations is normal. However, the problem for a number of seniors revolves around the social stigma of senior sex. Some seniors turn away from sexual encounters because they are either embarrassed by their aging bodies or are concerned about “sexual performance” issues. In some case, the loss of a life partner

or illness can cause seniors to ignore sexual contact altogether.

Senior sexual health comes with its own set of challenges but these should not deter you from exploring it in your own life. Sexual health can get better if you readily accept your older identity and are open to making changes.

With age comes experience - Self-confidence and experience are two of the most important aspects of leading a healthy sex life. A lot of seniors feel better about their bodies as they get older. This kinda of self-confidence can be very attractive and infectious and can encourage your spouse or potential partner to be more open and receptive to senior sexual health.

Embrace your senior years – While the youth is characteristically marked with fast-paced passions and a lot of un-realistic sexual expectations, during senior years the pressures of holding up to those expectations don’t apply. Instead of comparing what sex was like in your younger years, set a benchmark which is more mature and realistically based on the expectations of both you and your partner and is in sync with an open and positive attitude.

Learn to love yourself – Although you can’t beat the effects of age, accepting it to be a natural process with an open mind can reflect in your attitude and how you treat yourself. Feeling good about yourself can do wonders to how you look and also to how others look at you.

Be more communicative - A lot of senior couples understand and know each others routines and habits very well; sometimes only too well! And while this can lead to a shared and unspoken camaraderie, it can cost the couple the joys of simple communication. Speaking about your expectations and desires openly will help you and your partner to better understand yourselves and each other and can lead to robust sexual health.

Keeping Fit in Your Senior Years

Exercise your way to good sexual health – The importance of exercise cannot be overstressed under any condition. And this holds true even for young people. An energetic body can effectively energise the mind and is the cornerstone of senior sexual health. Regular exercises and fitness routines can help you better manage not only your medical conditions, but it can also help your remain active and independent and can help you feel and look younger.

Break the bad habits cycle – What you eat is what you are – is a popular adage. However, no amount of exercising and healthy eating habits can wipe out the effects of smoking and excessive drinking among other such abusive habits. These can cause irreparable damage through the years. Breaking away or reducing the frequency of both smoking and drinking can go a long way in improving not only your physical health but also your sexual health.

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