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Myths Exposed About Increasing Your Penis Size

men are proccupied with penis size - some companies prey on worried menCan penis size be increased?

Anyone with an email account is familiar with the torrent of emails for creams, pills, patches, pumps and even surgeries promising to increase penis size; for a price. Can any of these miracle methods be trusted?
Urologists seem to agree that the various

widely advertised penis enlargement methods can be summed up as follows:
- Pills and topically applied patches show no evidence of penis enlargement whatsoever.
Penis enlargement surgery can have unexpected results and can sometimes lead to serious complications.
– Penis enlargement exercises show no connection to penile growth.
– Penile enlargement devices available do have some positive results.


Despite the number of

companies offering  to increase a man’s penis size, most prey upon male anxiety. It's best that men speak with a legitimate sexual health organization like National Male Medical Clinics about their options.