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Can Exercise Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

More than 18 million men in the United States are affected by Erectile Dysfunction (ED). That’s almost one out of every ten. While many men may experience difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection, ED is an ongoing concern that can result in low self-esteem, impair sexual performance and damage relationships. While many pills and pumps offer to treat ED, researchers are discovering more evidence that proves regular exercise might be one of

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the most effective ways to treat and prevent Erectile Dysfunction.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who exercise regularly have stronger libidos and are much less likely to suffer from male impotence. Good circulation is the key to being able to achieve a long-lasting erection. There are many home cardio exercises that can easily be added to even the busiest schedules.

  • Jumping Rope: Buy an exercise rope or use something from home. The cardiovascular benefits of this simple exercise can boost blood-flow and improve erections. Jumping jacks make a viable alternative for those that can’t afford a jumping rope.
  • Running Stairs: Easy to integrate into your everyday life, by sprinting up stairs you can elevate your heart rate and get a quick cardio work out almost anywhere.
  • Stretch: Proper stretching is so fundamental that it can actually be overlooked. Taking 20 minutes to lengthen tendons and keep muscles limber helps blood and oxygen travel more easily. Stretching can also reduce stress; one of the primary causes of ED.

By expanding lung capacity and improving circulation, men can overcome erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise has the added benefit of helping us look better, fight depression, and improve sleep quality, all

of which can have an effect on testosterone production and erectile dysfunction. Quitting smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol can help you maximize your benefits and prevent the symptoms of ED.

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