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10 Facts About Premature Ejaculation That You Don't Know

Premature Ejaculation affects a large number of men across varied age groups. The condition which is characterized by decreasing or no ejaculatory control within a minute or less of vaginal penetration can have far reaching psychological consequences and can scar a man’s sexual confidence.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine uses two criteria for establishing PE: 

  • Ejaculation which either happens always or nearly always within a minute or less of vaginal penetration
  • Inability to control ejaculatory response during all or nearly all vaginal penetrations

Premature Ejaculation Is Not A Disease

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding PE is that it is a sickness or disease affecting certain men only. Nothing can be far from the truth. It is a well established fact that even the most healthy males can and do experience PE at some point. While in some men the condition is a one time occurrence, in others it can happen a few times. Others yet might suffer from the more acute state of PE in which there is little or no control over the time it takes to ejaculate; which is typically within less than a minute of vaginal penetration. Numerous studies have clearly indicated that PE can have both biological and psychological triggers.

Premature Ejaculation Is A Common Condition

It has been estimated that more than seventy percent males experience PE (also known as rapid ejaculation) at some point while nearly twenty percent males between the ages of 18 – 59 suffer from regular PE. In some cases, lack of sexual activity can also leave a man overly anxious about having sex. Even among healthy males with an active sex life, PE is not uncommon as per- performance anxiety can lower the ejaculatory threshold and hamper what should otherwise be a pleasurable encounter for both individuals.

Premature Ejaculation Is Not A Purely Psychological Condition

Another common misconception about PE is that it is a purely psychological condition. Anxiety, stress, physical exhaustion and mental fatigue, depression etc., can all lead to PE. However, in a lot of cases biological conditions such as an oversensitive glans penis and an enlarged prostrate can cause PE. If PE is an on-going condition or if it is affecting your relationship(s) then seeking professional help is always a good idea.

Consumption Of Certain Substances Does Not Necessarily Stump Premature Ejaculation

Sex enhancers such as certain pills and drugs, alcoholic cocktails, wine, chocolates among other man-made aphrodisiacs can heighten sexual pleasure as these substances work by lowering inhibitions of the mind which results in relaxatio of the body. In case anxiety is the underlying cause of PE, these might help to a certain extent as they can help the mind relax which in turn can relax the body. Certain anti-depressant drugs have been known to help reduce PE. However, in-case PE has other biological triggers then ingesting these will not help. Substance abuse even in a healthy male with no sexual dysfunctions can lead to far greater problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, among other side effects.

Mental Distraction And Diversion Are Not Permanent Solutions To Premature Ejaculation 

A common myth shared by many men is that mental distraction and diverting the mind from the sexual act can effectively delay ejaculation. While this can delay PE in some men,

it is not a “one-pill works for all men” kind of an option. If your PE is not caused by a physical problem, then learning to control your body responses and urges will work much better for you.

Premature Ejaculation Can Occur In Women As Well 

While this is a relatively less researched area, recent studies have indicated that in women climaxing too soon is akin to PE in men. Women with this condition mirrored the same anxiety levels and apprehensions about a non-satisfactory sexual encounter as men with PE. Although the effects of PE in women has a much lesser degree of stigma attached to it.

Climaxing Within A Few Minutes Of Penetration Is A Sign Of Premature Ejaculation

It is very difficult to determine what constitutes a definite time frame for PE to be established. Different men climax within different time frames. So while some couples think lasting less than 20 minutes is a case of PE, for others yet, a sexual encounter of even 10 minutes can be perfectly satisfactory. PE is ideally established based on a number of symptoms. However, a working definition for establishing PE can be, a partner climaxing too soon as ascertained by both partners.

Premature Ejaculation Can Be Managed With Exercises

There are a few exercises such as Kegels among other muscle controlling exercises which have proven to be helpful in managing PE in a number of men. Conditioning the mind and the body to work in sync while having, sex can go a long way in managing PE. For more information about Kegels, please visit http://noprematureejaculation.com/kegel-exercises.html

Premature Ejaculation Can Be Categorized As Lifelong And Acquired

PE can be categorized as Primary (lifelong) under which a male has had no ejaculatory control right from his first sexual encounter while Secondary (acquired) PE is marked by a period of normal ejaculatory performance followed by regularly occurring PE.

Premature Ejaculation can and in most cases does have an impact on the sexual and social confidence of a man. While the perfect cure is still a long way to come, a number of tropical treatment options have made it possible for men to successfully manage

PE and regain their sexual confidence.