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symptoms of andropause

National Male Medical Clinics treats Erectile Dysfunction, a symptom of Andropause.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy FAQs

How Can I Tell if I Have Low T?

Only a simple blood test can determine whether you have low testosterone levels. If you have some of the symptoms associated with low testosterone or Andropause getting a blood test to determine if you could benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) makes good sense.

What if I Do Have Low Testosterone; What can I do?

The benefits of TRT are appealing and are often noticed within 3-6 weeks after start of treatment. Your physician will discuss the benefits and any known risks associated with treatment and determine the best TRT option for you.

TRT can improve:

  • Sex drive
  • Energy level
  • Mental clarity
  • Belly fat loss
  • Muscle mass
  • Sleep quality
  • Body hair growth
  • Bone density
  • Memory and concentration
  • Mood
  • And it has the potential to decrease the risk of heart disease


What Are the TRT Options?

There are some different testosterone administration options available; injection, topical, patch or pellets. National Male Medical Clinics offers the injection and topical applications.

Injection is long lasting, precise, given in the buttock, has a 100% success rate in providing useable hormone, requires a dosage interval of only once each week, and is low in cost.

Topical allows absorption through the skin and is administered in low daily doses. Topical testosterone minimizes potentially adverse effects in men with a higher sensitivity to testosterone products.

Patches may seem more pleasant compared to injections, their effectiveness is  limited. They also have some shortcomings including inadequate increase of testosterone levels and localized skin reactions.

Pellets require a surgical procedure for implantation and removal, and do not allow a means for tailoring dosage based on an individual’s response.

If I Don’t Treat My Low Testosterone Level What Will Happen?

Your testosterone will continue to reduce. Your symptoms may remain the same or worsen depending upon your response to depletion of Testosterone.

Can I Increase my Testosterone Level with Diet and Exercise?

A healthy diet and both cardio and strength training exercise are considered to be beneficial at all stages of human development. Eating a balanced diet of quality proteins, whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables supports good health in general. Information about the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise are abundant and available from a variety of sources. Direct correlation between healthy diet and increase in testosterone are still being studied.

I Have Prostate Cancer; Can I receive TRT?

Men with a history of prostate cancer or breast cancer are absolutely not candidates for testosterone therapy. The testosterone can make both of these hormonally sensitive cancers grow more rapidly.

However, if you are experiencing lack of or a limited erection caused by prostate cancer surgery, we offer a GUARANTEED ED solutionto help you get and maintain a penetrable erection.

How Much Does Testosterone Treatment Cost?

Our competitive pricing of $149 includes an exam, consultation, lab test, and a test dose of medication. You’ll be scheduled for follow-up visit at which time your lab tests will be reviewed and a plan developed.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost??

The intake assistant will provide you with all the forms and correct medical coding for you to submit to your insurance company. If you have a PPO you have to pay out of pocket. Some companies reimburse 50% – 80% of the amount. If you have a flexi spending account you can use it. We also offer Care Credit a medical expense credit card.

How Long Does TRT Continue?

The goal is to increase your testosterone levels. Once this has been achieved, you will be monitored at regular intervals to check your levels, evaluate your response, and measure your success. Therapeutic care will probably continue throughout your life. If you decided to stop TRT your body will likely return to lower hormone levels than before you started the program.

How Long Will TRT Take?

The duration of your therapy depends upon your body’s response. The benefits of TRT are appealing and are often noticed within 3-6 weeks after start of treatment

What Happens at the First Appointment?

  • You will escorted to a private exam room upon your arrival
  • You’ll be asked to complete a couple of medical forms
  • You will then meet with clinician who will review your medical history, perform a brief physical exam and draw blood for a Total Testosterone level and PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen).
  • If our physician feels you are a candidate for TRT you will be given a test dosage
  • A follow-up exam will be scheduled to review your lab tests and if appropriate begin your testosterone treatment

Will I have to go back to the doctor to have the treatment administered?

No, you will be shown how to administer the testosterone.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

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