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About NMMC. What We Do.

National Male Medical Clinics has clinics from Hawaii to Florida. Each office is operated independently however we share a common philosophy of care.  We offer respect, concern, and individualized treatment options to every client.
We have

over 50 years of collective experience treating erectile dysfunctionpremature ejaculationtestosterone imbalancelack of libidoandropauseprostate removal side effects, and diabetes related sexual dysfunction.
Good communication and a positive doctor to patient relationship are very important to the success of our treatments. Our physicians’ give you time to fully discuss your concerns and any medical issues that may be at the root of your sexual health matter. Our services are completely confidential and you will be treated with the respect you deserve.
We would like the opportunity to help you.
Call us with any questions you have about National Male Medical Clinics and the services we provide at  (877) 819-8282.